5 Things to Consider Before Picking a Business Phone System

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The world of business phone systems options has erupted thanks to the affordability and performance of hosted telephone systems. A hosted business phone system is the bedrock of all modern unified communications strategies for business, so knowing what to look for in a solid VoIP platform is important to picking an advanced business phone system for your company.

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1. Where do your employees work?

Trick question! The world can be your office when you switch to VoIP, so one thing to consider is if you’ve wanted to enlist a new work from home or flexible office hours schedule. With an advanced business phone system in the cloud, you and your team can work from anywhere in the world that you can get a data or internet connection.

2. What are the features you’ll need to do your best work?

Because all of them are included in a worthwhile advanced hosted business phone system. Auto-Attendant, Follow Me Calling, Softphone apps, Paperless Faxing, and a mountain of other streamlined, valuable features. To manage the sea of options here, start by thinking about your callers and how you want them to experience your company. If you can do that, a qualified telecom service agent can help you build your dream system.

3. Which is a perfect time to consider service?

If you are a telecommunications systems engineer, you can skip this section, for everyone else, you should consider how important high-quality service is to you. Unfortunately, the trend in hosted telecom has been similar to what has been happening across the entire business landscape in that services have been mostly outsourced overseas and often even come at a premium to the users. VirtualPBX, however, still maintains an on-site, exemplary team of telecom experts right in the same facility that houses the engineering teams who build everything.

4. Cost Consideration

No industry is free from its share of snake oil, but fortunately the options in the world of modern business phone systems are generally reliable. The problem that may arise in this space, however, is the lack of transparency in some of the pricing models out there for hosted business telephone service. Some companies are so opaque that they don’t even actually have the pricing anywhere on their websites so you never know if you’re getting a good deal or not. Find a company that is up front about their prices right from the start because they know that their hosted business phone service speaks for itself.

5. What hardware will I need to get started?

Hardware is still essential as a part of any telephone system, but far less problematic in a hosted business phone system. On-site phone systems are weighed down by bulky, cumbersome, and costly hardware that you’ll need to house and employ highly-trained engineers to manage and maintain. Eliminating all of the dated technology of a physical system frees up loads of capital and time to focus on what is important, but you’ll still need to actually have some phones. Fortunately, there are heavily researched and highly rated VoIP phone options out there for business to use. Additionally, an added bonus of an advanced business telephone service is that you can use many of the same internet-capable devices you already know and love. This eliminates the learning curve as well as any hesitation about buying new equipment.

Now that you know more about what to look for in a hosted business phone system, you’re ready to start shopping! Start your journey with a sampling of the many online customer reviews available on Yelp.

Once you’re finished with reading how current and past customers have faired with the options you’re considering, it’s time to start comparing plans. To get started on comparing the best advanced business phone systems out there for your company, consider these award winning options and pick the one that best works for you.

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